A rugged shock monitoring system for maritime agencies.

KINETIX Display Callouts
KINETIX Data Intelligence

System sophistication

With KINETIX, you get a premium-quality shock monitoring system, custom-designed software, and access to a team of analytics experts whose knowledge of impact science is unmatched in the industry.

KINETIX Features

  • Measures seat travel and evaluates bottom-out risk
  • Records occupant data for calculating shock exposure
  • Adaptable to most maritime seat makes and models
  • Battery powered or wired into vessel power
  • NMEA2k and Bluetooth network compatible
  • Fully marinized and impact-resistant

User interface available on industry- standard multi-function displays

Vessel and seat monitoring data integrates with Raymarine and other widely accepted marine electronics displays.

Kinetix Display

Elevate your approach to impact mitigation with KINETIX