The next big thing in shock mitigation has arrived.


KINETIX, by Allsalt Maritime, is an advanced impact-mitigation program that allows maritime agencies to record and interpret impact exposure data on vessels, with the goal of continuous improvement, incident investigation, and long-term monitoring of exposure trends.

The KINETIX group was assembled to address the unique needs of maritime agencies seeking to understand the effectiveness and optimize their impact mitigation strategies. An in-house team of technical designers, software specialists, and scientists work in tandem to deliver comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and actionable insights to agencies of all sizes. With backgrounds in industries such as deep-sea scientific research and highly-secured software systems, you can trust the KINETIX team to get the job done.

About Allsalt Maritime

Allsalt Maritime (formerly Coast Dynamics Group), is an industry-leading organization dedicated to marine safety and preventing injury and fatigue on the water. Allsalt Maritime designs and manufactures SHOXS shock mitigation seating for military, law enforcement, and commercial watercraft. Over a decade of designing shock mitigation solutions, backed by scientific testing, has allowed SHOXS and Allsalt Maritime to earn the reputation as a leader in the shock and vibration industry.

Elevate your approach to impact mitigation with KINETIX