Insight through analytics.

KINETIX Real Time Feedback

Real Time Feedback. Actionable Insights.

KINETIX, the most advanced impact-mitigation technology available today, allows maritime agencies to lower risk of crew injury or equipment failure with tailored vessel monitoring solutions that fit any size fleet.


KINETIX Flowchart
Monitor. Manage. Mitigate.

Monitor. Manage. Mitigate.

Comprehensive seat and deck data are logged in a compact, low maintenance data processing unit that interfaces with any shock-mitigation seat system on the market. Receive personalized insights into areas that pose the greatest risk to crew safety or vessel operation.


Personalized guidance from shock and vibration specialists

Scientific analysis of data from your vessel or fleet from a team of Ph.D.-level industry experts on Whole Body Vibration.

At the core of KINETIX Systems lies a team of industry leading shock and vibration scientists working directly with agencies to provide immediate and actionable results. Maritime groups can rely on KINETIX Scientists to enhance the efficiency of their shock mitigation strategies, comply with legislation, and keep their personnel and assets safer.


Dr. Tim Rees, Ph.D.

Dr. Tim Rees, Ph.D.

Dr. Tom Gunston, Ph.D.

Dr. Tom Gunston, Ph.D.
Laboratory Expert

8x more value

Whole Body Vibration advisory services in a cost-effective format.

Scalable service

Vessel and crew monitoring for every fleet, large or small.

One-stop shop

The KINETIX team is comprised of in-house industry experts who design hardware, develop software, and analyze client data.

Elevate your approach to impact mitigation with KINETIX